ADDIS has been part of the home since 1780... As an independent, international company with a 200 year history the ADDIS brand still stands today, as it has for previous generations, for value, quality and innovation in homewares. Whether it be Food Storage, Ironing Boards or Indoor Dryers ADDIS will meet and excel your expectations.

ADDIS have launched a new fingerprint resistant Deluxe food Storage range which includes a set of 3 Beverage Canisters, Biscuit Barrel and Bread Bin. The Deluxe canisters and Deluxe biscuit barrel include a click seal lid to help keep food fresher for longer while the Deluxe bread bin boasts a stylish space saving roll top mechanism.

ADDIS Laundry Sense Ironing Boards help ironing to effortlessly glide by day after day with their numerous small helpful innovations including a hanger frame, linen shelf, retractable lateral wheels and an ironing rest which can accommodate a steam generator. ADDIS Ironing boards are available in a wide selection of bright colourful prints.

ADDIS Laundry Sense Indoor Clothes Airers are also cleverly designed to make light of  housework with large drying areas (total 11 metres) between each rail they help reduce the drying time by as much as 50%, while casters aid mobility and flat drying areas accommodate delicate items. Importantly they compactly stow away with ease.

Sarah in Homewares says ‘ADDIS Clothes Airers are easily the best on the market and every list should have one their surprisingly versatile and come into their own in wet weather’