They say silence is golden, but they’ve probably not listened to the superb digital sound quality from a Roberts DAB or Wi-Fi Radio! These beautiful DAB and Wi-fi Radios are available in a huge range of colours and styles; most importantly though they are feature rich and superbly designed with only the best components for exquisite sound quality.

What’s more, just like the Television Signal the Radio Signal is being switched to Digital (DAB) too. In 2014 all existing radios will be obsolete. To learn more about the Digital Radio Switch Over visit our Helpful Guide.

In addition to Roberts we stock Panasonic, Pure and Philips Digital Radios. Our Audio Visual experts are on hand in-store to help you make your choice and explain all the jargon or you can read up online beforehand through our helpful Radio Buying Guide.

Allan our Home Entertainment Manager says ‘Digital Radios are an excellent gift to add to any Wedding List and it’ll save you purchasing a new radio come the Digital Radio Switch Over. Wi-Fi Radios are a little more expensive but they allow you to listen to stations from all over the world!’.