At Dalzell’s of Markethill we stock a wide range of Bedding such as Dunlopillo, good quality Pillows and Duvets are an excellent addition to any Wedding Gift list.

Your pillow is as crucial as your bed in ensuring you get a quality night’s sleep as your head and neck posture depends upon a pillow that offers just the right amount of support. Most pillows start out a certain depth but quickly pack down into something thinner and lumpy - and even from one hour to the next as time passes. This means that it can be very difficult to enjoy the same consistent level of support.

Dunlopillo Latex Pillows maintain their shape at all times, night after night so once you find a pillow that feels right you can depend on it for many years to come. Dunlopillo Pillows all bring instant pressure relief, are hypo-allergenic to reduce allergies, feature an aerated interior to remain fresh and dry, and come complete with a full 5 Year Guarantee. In addition to this these pillows have a Tempsmart cover which adjusts to fluctuations in your body temperature to keep you at your ideal temperature as you sleep.

At Dalzell’s of Markethill you’ll find a wide selection of Pillows and Duvets in addition to our huge selection of Mattresses and Divan Beds from leading names like Kaymed, Staples, Respa, Myers, King Koil and Dorlux. Sharon from Beds says ‘Dunlopillo are truly luxurious product from which you’ll receive many years of improved sleep’.