We all want beautiful gifts on our Wedding Gift List but it’s easy to forget the more practical needs which we require when we begin life in a new home. Practical doesn’t have to mean ordinary though! Minky Homewares hold a Royal Charter and this is reflected in the quality, stylish design and innovation found in their many products. Minky Homewares make a fine addition to any Wedding Gift List and will save you many hours of boring housework allowing you to spend more time on the things that truly matter to you.

Minky Ironing Boards are very popular and boast a host of time saving features including an integrated extension lead, linen rack, sleeve board, flip out hanger and a platform which will hold a Steam Generator.

Minky Indoor and Outdoor Clothes Airers are also very popular as people increasingly consider the price of using their Tumble Dryers and no hot press or backyard would be complete without one.

Sarah in Homewares says ‘Minky products are of excellent quality and will give many years of faithful service; you really do get what you pay for with such goods'. We at Dalzell’s of Markethill stock a wide range of Minky Ironing Boards, Clothes Airers and associated Homewares.